About Chef Laura:
Laura Karwisch was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee and has spent the last four years in New Orleans working for Ralph Brennan's Red Fish Grill. A talented and creative chef, Laura worked her way up the culinary ladder from Sous Chef to Executive Sous Chef. At age twenty-nine, she currently holds the title of Executive Chef of Red Fish Grill.

Laura's devotion to the kitchen was not a childhood dream rather one she fell upon while pursuing a political science degree. As a line cook and Sous Chef of Vine Street Market in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Laura learned the skills necessary for good cooking and discovered her true passion for the kitchen. Under the direction of Vine Street Market's Executive Chef and mentor, Chip Mercer, Laura fell in love with the creative aspect of cooking. Mercer challenged and inspired Laura to learn about the process. "It is not as simple as turning on a burner and mixing ingredients together," Laura says. "It is about the entire process."

After realizing her passion for cooking, Laura began focusing on her culinary career. As a Sous Chef, she moved from Vine Street Market to Perry's Restaurant. She then took the position of Executive Chef at the Back Inn Cafe and the Bluff View Inn.

Hungry for a new challenge, Laura joined the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group as Sous Chef of Red Fish Grill. After accepting the position, Laura jokingly told her mother, "I will be the Executive Chef of a Brennan restaurant in 5 years." As a result of her talent and genuine love of fresh seafood, Laura accepted the title of Executive Chef just three years after joining the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group. On July 4, 1999, Laura was honored to represent Red Fish Grill on the world's culinary stage, at Manhattan's James Beard Foundation during their July 4th celebration menu, 'Oh Say Can You Seafood.'

Since taking the top spot, Laura has made her mark by revitalizing Red Fish Grill's culinary vision of creatively preparing Louisiana Seafood. Laura was selected by the Louisiana State Office of Tourism to represent Louisiana Cooking at editorial luncheons for editors of The Southern Progress Corporation, the parent company of Southern Living, Cooking Light, Southern Accents and Coastal Living.

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